Welcome to Alien Shores, a webcomic!

In the throes of a quarter-life crisis, Max Sauvern quits school, gets dumped by his fianceé , and moves to a randomly-chosen city - Denver. Ironically he finds his long lost cousin and rekindles his old dream of singing in a band. He and his bandmates become close friends and weather the usual struggle of an unknown band as well as some unusual personal crises together. However, Max's inability to trust himself and his new bonds may ultimately cost him his band, his friends, and his life.


August 6, 2015 - I've been making progress! I've added a few elements to the story, rewrote a few other things. You know that sometimes things end up changing when I sit down to draw. Anyway, now doing art for the new homepage! I finally wrangled a template into something I like.

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